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Erotic StoriesBest Adult Telegram Channels in Kenya 2024

Best Adult Telegram Channels in Kenya 2024

The best adult telegram channels in Kenya are a source of unending entertainment. Today we are going to give you the best porn telegram channels Kenya. To enjoy the best Telegram adult channels with the best Kenya porn visit the links below.

Note: some of these Telegram adult groups have thousands of members, and their links keep changing.

Adult Telegram Channels in Kenya 2024

Below are the best telegram groups 18+ Kenya in 2024. Have a look at each one of them one at a time.

1. VITU KALI Telegram Channel

VITU KALI is arguably the best adult telegram channel in Kenya. It has everything you need to get yourself wanking. From Kenyan porn movies to wet pussy photos – Vitu Kali will make you horny in seconds! Here’s the link: VITU KALI

2. Sexy African Goddess Telegram XXX Channel

Sexy African Goddess is a dedicated channel to all African women and men of melanin. These guys post nude videos and XXX photos from all over Africa. From leaked sex tapes to leaked videos and photos, they have you covered. Here’s the link to the channel: Sexy African Goddess.

3. Nairobi Hot Girls Telegram Channel

This is one of the most active 18-plus telegram groups in Kenya. Here’s the link to the channel: Nairobi Hot Girls

4. Kachumbari Tamu Telegram 18 + Channel

This is one hell of a juicy telegram porn channel in Kenya with the best, unique content for adult pleasure. It also has connections for the newest Kenyan babes ready to be at your service. Here’s the link to the channel: Kachumbari Tamu XXX.

5. Forbidden Pleasures Telegram Channel

This is one of the best adult telegram channels in Kenya, especially for those who like xxx videos. Here’s the like link to the channel: Forbidden Pleasures

6. Kenya Hot Girls (Escorts Channel)

If you’re looking for the right escort channel in Kenya, then the Kenya Hot Girls telegram channel would be ideal for you. Here’s their invite link: Kenya Hot Girls

More 18+ Telegram Groups in Kenya

7. Mafisi Channel Telegram Channel

Another of the best telegram channels in Kenya is the infamous Mafisi channel AKA Alphas, Betas, and Omegas. The name itself is synonymous with men who like hitting on many ladies. Here’s the link to the channel: Mafisi Channel (Update: The original channel was closed down in 2023. The rest are copycats.)

8. Free HookUp Telegram Channel

This is an upcoming channel that offers free phone numbers to hookers all around Kenya for FREE! You can then pay the hooker of your liking and for the services you like. Below is the link to this channel for those who love such stuff: Free HookUp


KENYA RAHA ESCORTS AND HOT VID’S🇰🇪 is another of the adult telegram channels in Kenya. Head there if you want to kula kwa macho. Here’s the link: 🇰🇪KENYA RAHA ESCORTS AND HOT VID’S🇰🇪

10. Kilimani Mums & Dads Exposed Telegram Link

This one is among the most sought-after telegram channels in Kenya. They address adult stories ranging from sex styles to doctors’ advice on sex life, exposes, and various other mature discussions. If you wish to check it out, here is the link: Kilimani Mums & Dads Exposed (Update: The channel no longer exists.)

11. Kilimani Mums Telegram Channel

No one doesn’t know about the controversial Kilimani mums not only on Facebook but also on Telegram. To get their link we advise you to check their Facebook page.

Watch Telegram Nude Video of Horny Girl Pussy Play Here

More Telegram Porn Links

12. Kuma Tamu Telegram XXX Channel

Kuma Tamu is another renowned Telegram xxx channel adored by those who like to get wet between the sheets. Get the latest East African porn videos on this channel. Here’s the link: Kuma Tamu

13. Seniors Club Telegram Sex Channel

The Seniors Club Telegram sex channel has been around for several years. These guys are quite serious. They have over 150 videos on their XVIDEOS channel and they update their TG sex channel every day with good quality sex videos. They have over 166,000 members, making it one of the most popular Tg sex channels in Kenya. You can post ads at a rate of 1,000ksh/hour or 4,000ksh for an overnight ad (10pm to 8am). Here’s their link: Seniors Club Telegram Link.

More: Kilimani Ndogo Telegram Channel Link

14. Viral Leak, Best Ghana Telegram Porn Channel

Viral leak boasts as the best Ghana Telegram porn channel. With over 220,000 members, the channel has grown tremendously in the last couple of months. With as many as 1,000 people joining every single day at its peak. The Ghanaian 18+ Telegram channel posts, as the name suggests, viral leaks from Ghana and around Africa. Here’s the link: Viral Leak Telegram Link.

15. THIKA SUPERHIGHWAY LEAKS 🍆💦🍑 Porn Telegram Channel

While this is a relatively new porn Telegram channel in Kenya, the Thika Superhighway Leaks sex Telegram channel has become increasingly popular after Bridget Achieng’ nude video leaked online. The channel is supposedly the 1st channel to post it online. Here is the link: THIKA SUPERHIGHWAY LEAKS 🍆💦🍑 XXX Telegram Channel.

16. NAIROBI YOUTH LEAKS Telegram Channel

The NAIROBI YOUTH LEAKS has been on a steady upward trend for the last couple of months. It has arguably become the new Team Mafisi channel. Replacing the once dominating but since fallen Alphas, Betas, and Omegas that used to post the most recent and sort-after leaked XXX photos and videos from all over the country. Visit the vibrant leaks channel CAPTAIN BANA runs here: Nairobi Youth Leaks Link. (December 2023 update, the channel is BACK!! Steadily growing as always.)

17. Kilimani Ndogo Telegram Channel

The Kilimani Ndogo tg channel is one of the oldest Telegram channels in Kenya. It started off offering Kenyan xxx content and exposes back in 2018. It was among the first channels alongside Vitu Kali, Nairobi Hot, and Mafisi channels. They now offer hookups, promos, and sex tips to horny amateur Kenyans. They have about 130,000 subscribers under their name. Here is their link: Kilimani Ndogo Channel link.

More: Telegram za Ngono: Best Telegram Porn Channels in Tanzania

18. Nairobi Uncensored Exposees Channel

The Nairobi Uncensored Telegram sex channel is among the below-the-radar channels that have recently come to our attention. These guys post adult-related content providing you with XXX videos and Nairobi ratchets who can’t keep their boobs and pussies to themselves. They have over 110k members and allow advertisements on the channel for 850ksh/hr and 1600ksh/2 hours. Here is their link:  NAIROBI UNCENSORED Channel Link.

Other Adult Telegram Channels in Kenya

Below are other adult telegram channels in Kenya you might find an interest in. The truth is, you can never exhaust them cos you’ll likely get crazy. Below are the links. Enjoy while it lasts.

Telegram Hookup Groups in Kenya.

Telegram hookup groups and channels are growing by the day. The hook-up groups are known for their listing of men and women from all over the country on their channels.

They may charge a small fee to link you up with the girls they post. You should also note that these channels sometimes link you up with Telegram girls looking to get fucked for a token.

You can follow the Nairobi Hot channel for free escort hookups on Telegram if you do not wish to pay these admins for the hookups they give to you for escort services.

Please Note: While some of the hook-ups are legitimate, some groups might be cons. We share those who have shown proof, but we don’t vouch for them as they may sell their channels whenever they wish.

Here are some of the popular Telegram Hookup links:

If you have any more hookup channels in Kenya that you would want to be added to the list, leave a comment in the section below.

Those are the best telegram groups 18+ Kenya.

How to Unblock Telegram XXX Channel/Group on iOS

iOS devices, including iPhones and iPads, have been designed to make sure that one can’t view adult content from Telegram sex channels, such as the ones listed above.

Because of this, we decided to make a tutorial in which we can guide you on how to unblock Telegram xxx channels/groups on iOS devices.

The steps to follow are quite simple:

  1. Open the web version of the Telegram app,
  2. Go to settings
  3. Enable sensitive content (see screenshot below)
  4. Wait for a few hours (or reboot your device) and you should be able to view the adult content in these channels.
  5. That’s it! Enjoy!

How to Unblock Telegram XXX Channel/Group on iOS

Users of iOS devices can now watch Telegram adult content!

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