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Erotic StoriesHow To Deal With The Walk Of Shame

How To Deal With The Walk Of Shame

I had made a promise to myself never to sleep over at his place but that night let me say I was out witted. It was a Friday night and there were no plans for the weekend.
We met up after work and decided to grab dinner before parting ways.

We walked to Delicious Dishes had our dinner like every other Friday. Time seemed to fly as we shared about our week, the challenges and highlights. I never wanted the moment to come to an end as I felt everything else was silent. All I could hear was his baritone voice like a sweet melody in my ears.

“Brenda, are you sure you can go home alone at this hour?”

This question brought me back to my sense. I looked at my watch and it was 2:00AM!!!! Where did all the time go to? How will I get home? Will I be safe? Was he going to take me home? The questions crisscrossed in my head and I found myself speaking without reasoning.

“Jimmy, Can you drop me please?”
“I would have loved to but today I am not driving”

Now it was getting complicated. Is this a test? Is Jimmy trying to trap me? The stupid words overtook my thoughts.

“Today I am under your custody”

I cant believed I said that but the smile on Jimmy’s face is one I remember to date. So he called a cab and we went to his place. Honestly speaking his house was way better than mine given he lived in the suburbs and had no roommate.

He was such a gentleman. He made a bed for me in the guestroom and gave me some changing clothes. I could not sleep, I tossed and turned for hours. The tension was too much and besides I did not trust him completely. I decided to have the television keep me company and I feel asleep on the couch. Jimmy joined me at some point in the night and we ended up in his room.

Rule No 1
Next day I made sure I woke up before sunrise. This is the first rule when it comes to the walk of shame.

Rule No 2
I did a bit of freshening up so as to look neat. Nobody wants to walk around with unkempt hair early in the morning.
Rule No 3
I made sure I was ready to leave before he was awake so as to avoid any chitchat. Chitchat end up in recap and you find yourself extending your stay.
Rule No 4
I always carry some extra cash with me which has come in handy in some cases. I did not need him to give me transport I had everything under control.
Before he could make any suggestions, I had organised myself and was heading home. Though I never planned to spend the night at Jimmy’s place, I aced that walk of shame. When I got home Sly my roommate was dead asleep. I did the house chore, made breakfast then went to catch some sleep.

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