Liddos Club Nairobi | Best Strip Club in Nairobi


Liddos club Nairobi is among the most highly rated strip clubs in Nairobi, Kenya. I had the pleasure of visiting this exclusive strip club in the heart of Nairobi, a while back with a couple of friends.

Just by the range of cars that great you at the entrance you can guess the kind of clients the club hosts. With butlers at the front door guiding you into the club that’s located on the first floor to the very sexy receptionist that they’ll hand you to.

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The club boasts of a VIP section and the regular that has strippers of all shapes and sizes ready to quench your horny self. Good thing with this club is that it’s clean and classy. You do not expect to meet some low lives out to steal from you.

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From the Liddos Club Nairobi video posted above you can tell that the ladies here mean fucking business! The ladies dance to the awesome music played by their in-house DJ while stripping and fingering each other. The go on as far as to lap dance for those willing to and might even let you touch their wet and horny sexy bodies. Should I continue?!

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