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Erotic StoriesMen, This What The Ladies Want.

Men, This What The Ladies Want.

This email landed in someone’s inbox but i bet gals in Kenya are horny and yet they don’t get enough
The title of the email waz last evening its so horny
I don’t know where to start coz it just like one big fucking dream. Since utaka details ,details u will get.
Si I know pale sonyo alikuwa akiitusho anaengada lunch, I went there during lunch time I was outside doing window shopping u know ,nikamwona ana cam kama yuko sole. When he entered I also entered and strategically I joined him in the table tufakanya order well in the course of meals ni kaanza discussion ya technology na vile insaumbua akajoin though ilikuwa akinishow vile tcehnolgy ikom poa just like sonyo said the dude loves techanolgy. Nika show vile nilibuy comp na sasa ime crash sijui nini u know bla bla mingi. So the dude akaa zaa maswali what is the prob with comp what did I do with it mimi nani INOCENTLY ni kashow vile ili dedi

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Well the dude said he knows a couple of things in comps , I really PLEADED that he assist or he refers me to a trustworthy guy who can repair my comp. well the guy fell for it flat he offered to do it himself if I brought him the machine . But who am I offered to pay his expenses to ma place just to have the machine fixed.

Well the dude is oldskul he didn’t part with his mobile no but we agreed meet at 5.30 at Kenya cinema I was there by 4.50. wow he turned up as arranged and we took double m mpake doni. By 7 nilikuwa na yeeye kwa hau that’s where I played like pro trst u what itold u is like a dream.

The dud started to “ repair” my comp u know vile tulifanya. And the dude got it back in shape as I say luck knocks to those who r prepared the stup thing that says that windows cannot find some xyz he offered to repair that and that’s where the opportunity knocked coz ha sked for that windows cd and said we had to upgrade or update by then I only my bodywas there my mind was scheming.. The who upgrading or updating whatever it was to take about an hour so I offer to cook him dinner. As he waits for the jobo to complete .

I offered him beer or juo he took juo. The dude doesn’t drink he said beer tastes like SHIT. Well I had to upper my game . unakumbuka tule Tureds twa valentine ni limshow that although alcoholic they taste like sprite and I offered one to taste which he took and commented that that’s not beer and at that moment I knew I was in the game. I gave him the whole kabox to enjoy as he upgrade the machine.

By 8.30 I was done with the kitchen and I offered to take a shower as he proceeds with his job. mama mia I changed to that kadress ya purple na ile perfume ya duty free ready to kill.

We talked was smooth and professional u know the kind.

Well the comp was done and I served the dinner I sat on his side well and I also joined in red we talked and enjoyed reds I took out the other kabox but the dude protested he couldn’t drink more so I played it safe. But I had him in box already

By the end of it one thing led to another and we were there on the couch necking n kissing. I know that’s where u wanted me to start and there I am.

Wow wamaitu the dude is a pro I mean sonyo was not lying neither was she telling us everything coz the dude played it cool n slow from top to down but woi woi the dude knows where and how to do it I mean a mind blowing FUCK. Serious the guy licked my pussy I mean LICKING as in all capital he literally ate my pussy I don’t know what he did but I wanted to scream. ndirari kuga mbu I mean I felt like I was to explode I have never come close to anything like that and the more intense it got the better he did it I thought he had swallowed my clit coz I could not feel it .reke gwire the dude did mambo he licked and I don’t know what else he did coz I was almost to faint I tell u when sonyo was saying It I though she was nut but sonyo was no where close do describing the feeling.

I had given him that pack of cd zile ulikuwa ukiniuliza ni za nani . and thats where the hell broke loose coz the dude gave me a kadoggie I have never imagined I mean he is well endowed a dick maybe 8 or 9 inches but I was feeling like am vaju coz it felt like a coke bottle was being inserted and wacha aguze ile g-spot I felt like I would pee haki I was sure that if he went of further I would have peed

Tata reke gwire my efforts were worth it I have never ever come close or imagined that’s something like that existed wacha guys who claim nini ama nini. I mean a fuck u will never forget. If I get a fuck like that twice a week I would be 16 now A fuck that makes u feel like u will die it’s like your body is cut into million pieces and every piece has an orgasm so u have like million orgasms at once . I had to check my clit afterwards to see whether it was there I though he swallowed or he licked it till it melted.

I fucked but the dude had to go I offered he spend at my place but he was firm he had to go so I offered to pay taxi but refused he said that paying taxi from doni to I think imara is illogical he left at around midnight. Trust u me I would pay him to do it again

So sista that’s what you wanted I gave u the details coz u couldn’t believe when I told u I will nail him.

I didn’t get his no he refused completely he said he will give mw in due course but I got his email its [email protected] try and see whether u can get him he said that he chats add him in ur messanger and get to know him u know messenger nobody asks questions then u can pin him down ama?. Now I know why sonyo is so much after the dude n doesn’t tell sonyo I fucked his idol.

By the way where did sonyo get the dude coz obviously he is not of sonyo’s class he seems to have a class not like sonyo?

Wewe I know that the banking hall in full and ur interested in fucking stories this is porn than u job server customers first lets meet sato we can plan at ma place.

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