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Erotic StoriesSquirting Lessons: 8 Steps to Make Her Squirt Like Crazy

Squirting Lessons: 8 Steps to Make Her Squirt Like Crazy

Are wondering how you can make your girl squirt like crazy? Or better even, are you looking for specific steps to make her squirt and fall in love with you?

The squirting lessons for women listed below are for all those who would want to satisfy their ladies sexually.

Every woman likes to climax, let no one ever lie to you otherwise. That’s why using the steps below, you should make her wish for more sexual escapades with you.

Pay attention…


You should try the following steps:

1. Use oral sex to stimulate her clitoris for a couple of minutes

2. Insert your middle finger inside her with your palm facing up (trust me one finger is enough)

3. Rub her front vaginal wall (around two inches deep)

4. After some efforts try a “come here” motion for a couple minutes

5. Add your ring finger and try various other techniques of stimulation (experiment with circular motions and different levels of pressure)

6. Now, her g-spot should be very noticeable (the spongy, almond-shaped, circular area that is usually located 2 inches deep inside her)

7. Her frontal wall should be much more swollen due to the build-up of liquids inside her Skenes glands around her urethra

8. After 10-15 minutes her (Gräfenberg) g-spot should be ballooning inside of her

If you can notice all of the signs mentioned in steps 6 to 8 while she starts to feel a soft urge to pee, you are on the right track. She will start to squirt like a Kenyan Pornstar, and that’s the kind of nasty women want to be when they’re enjoying every single moment of it.

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