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Erotic StoriesShe Allowed Me to Bonk Her After a Massage

She Allowed Me to Bonk Her After a Massage [Erotic Story 18+]

Erotic Massage Turns to Steamy Sexual Experience Like None I’ve Ever Had Before. Read below for the full story.

“That was tiring” She sighed as I closed the doors. Then I switched on the hoofer on full blast.

“And sweaty. And dirty” she added as she took out her tank top to show her black bra.
I then held her from behind and whispered into her ear, “Care to join for a bath?” My palms slithered on her sweaty abdomen.

“No.” she bit her lip and blushed. ” Not enough? Then how about a massage before the bath?” grinning I then took her hand and led her to the showers.

“Doesn’t the masseur need a bath too?” She asked me.

“Yes, he does.”

“So get your own bath. I am not sharing.” She pushed me out of the shower.

She took a cold bath to calm herself. She had barely managed not to touch herself in the shower. Shower sex would feel so good.

When she came out of the shower I was already lying stomach down on the bed in the bedroom. She had a towel covering her backside.


“Of course.” she suppressed her laughter at my erected stick. She enjoyed knowing how hard she could get me.

I was naked with a raging hard-on and here she was playing games. “Eagerly set.”

I got a bottle of baby oil just next to her mirror stand.

“Don’t you need to wear something? I wouldn’t want anything except the oil on my skin.” She then lightly tapped my swollen stick.

I stood over her and snatched the towel and tied it around my waist. I admired her. Taking a deep breath I then held her feet in my hands.

First I started massaging her toes. As I massaged her ankle I kissed her feet.

“The massage includes kisses?” She asked

“No, but the masseur is pretty dirty”

She giggled and I then kissed her ankles while massaging her calves followed by her thighs. Then I went for her lower back. I started kissing from the base of her spine. I kissed upward till I reached her hair. I inhaled the smell of her hair. I started kneading her back.

“Hhhmmmm” she purred.

I massaged her shoulders and kissed them. I took the oil bottle and squirted a large quantity over her back and spread it.

“Your hands are warm.” She sighed as I relaxed her muscle knots.

I squirted more oil on her back and spread it up to her neck and then downwards on her calves. I slightly pushed my hands below, brushing her assets. Seeing no comments being made I spread the oils on her assets.

“The masseur is too dirty” she commented, “just the way I prefer.”

I kneaded her backside and slightly brushed her groin. Pouring more oil over her tiny little rosebud I clamped my thumb over it and tickled her southern part of Limpopo. She shuddered and moaned hoping for a happy ending massage.

Erotic Massage Turns to Steamy Sexual Experience

I poured oil on her thighs and massaged her inner thighs, brushing her lower lips again and again. I grabbed both her hands and pulled them behind me, lifting her torso. I felt blood rushing as I saw her magnificent breasts hang.

I turned her over and poured oil over her stomach. My fingers lightly touched the underside of her breasts. I took some more oil and massaged her breasts. She shifted in her place and arched her back pressing her breasts in my hands. The dark brown nipples and brown skin shimmered as I played with her big breasts.

I tweaked her nipples and pulled them making her moan. As though her body was hot-wired to her groin, she felt the sweet pain grow there and her insides going haywire. I massaged her torso more, pressing her sides. I held her narrow waist and kissed her navel. She squirmed and tried to clutch the mat. I spread more oil on her inner thighs and again teased her for some more time.

Then I made her sit up and oiled her hair, slightly pulling them, massaging her scalp and nape. I loved her hair. Her hair could excite me at any given time. And now it shimmered as I oiled it.

My stick was throbbing for relief. There was a wet spot on the towel from the leaking precum. I wanted to plunge my stick into her flesh boat and do her hard.

I felt her excitement getting less and continued oiling her hair. Done with the massage I scooped her up and took her to the shower. I held her from behind and kissed her neck.

She sighed as my proximity made her excited again. She could feel my cock nestled between her bottom. She started humping on it. The precum was adding to the slickness of her already oily behind. I cupped her breasts and mauled them. I pulled her nipples and twisted them. She squealed and clutched my bottom with one hand pushing me more into her. With the other, she tickled my stick on the underside of the head.
Wow, I gasped as she grasped it and turned. She started jerking me fast without abandon.

As she realized I was about to Come, she stopped and kissed me hard on the lips. She sucked my tongue and then invaded my mouth with her tongue. As I calmed down a bit she again started jerking me.

Within minutes she could not take it anymore. “do me now!” she ordered.

I complied without any delay. I started kotooing her pohoo from behind and started pounding away. She placed one hand on the wall and pushed back into me. I slowed as I almost reached my orgasm, but she was not there yet.

“Play with your nipples,” I told her.

Her fingers quickly found her nipples and started twisting and pulling them. My stick was mashing her insides. With each stroke, she felt pleasure writhing through her body. She twisted her nipples harder wanting to reach an even higher level.

She felt her boat explode as she came. Breathing became difficult for her. I also came as her boat gripped my stick in an iron grip. I could feel her cum gushing around my stick and she felt my hot cum splash inside her. Wave upon wave of pleasure rocked her body. Her entire body pulsated outwards from her…to be continued?!

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