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Erotic StoriesPulled Her Bum short to The Side and Fucked Her Raw and...

Pulled Her Bum short to The Side and Fucked Her Raw and Hard

I have been hanging onto this Kenyan quickie sex video for a long time now. It is one of my most treasured xxx videos that we have recorded with my girlfriend.

It was a couple of months ago after one of our on and off “breakups” and she had moved out. Or is it more like stormed out of our apartment angry as fuck.

About 3 or so days later, a friend she was staying with called me and said that my GF had decided to move out. She and my girlfriend would be coming to pick up her things later on that day.

I was furious. I did not want her to leave.

She was a crazy bitch, there was no arguing about that. But she was my crazy bad bitch. She wasn’t just going to leave like that.

Kenyan Quickie Sex

I was chilling in the house catching up on some comedy I like to watch to calm my nerves. With a bottle of Ballantines whisky, sipping away my woes.

I get a knock on the door and standing there is my girlfriend in bum shorts and an “I’m a Crazy Bitch” t-shirt.

She was the dramatic type so I paid no attention to it.

She did not have her friend with her, the reason being, as she put it, “she was busy running errands on the new house she was moving into”.

She had a suitcase to carry her things in. She then started packing. Banging things all around so I could hear her pack.

I had heard enough and decided to take a shower to calm myself down and talk things over with her.

As I took the shower, I couldn’t help but wonder what was beneath her bum shorts, these used to be my favorite as she would look really sexy in them.

Without a second thought, I walked out of the shower butt naked and walked towards her on the kitchen counter, dick hard as fuck.

Before she could say anything, I pulled her bum shorts to the side and proceeded to insert my hard Kenyan dick inside her pussy. To my surprise, it was wet as fuck!

So she wanted to fuck too? I wondered?

I didn’t let the thought distract me from grabbing her portable sexy petite body closer to me and fuck her senseless for the next couple of hours. Making sure to cum inside her pussy each time.

Here is part of the Kenyan quickie sex video we made:

Watch Quickie XXX Video Here

As I said in the beginning, this video is one of my favourite videos to date. We joke about that day with her every now and then. She tells me she really enjoyed the sex too. Maybe that is why she likes to make me mad ever now and then.

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