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Erotic StoriesMombasa Raha Shocking Massage Girl Story

Mombasa Raha Shocking Massage Girl Story

Mombasa Raha Story: My name is Janet, I am 22 years studying in college. I also work in a massage parlor and save money for my future. I have been working as a Mombasa Raha massage girl for the past 8 months and I have faced different people in this work.

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Some men behave so well and some don’t come here to get a massage they just come here to feel a woman’s hand on all over their body, staring at my cleavage while bent over a little or undressing me in their mind.

Working here is really uncomfortable and it gets worse when someone asks you that he would pay you a little extra if I serve him a little extra. And you all know what that means that “a little extra” thing.

Right after three days when I joined this work I got my first offer when a man in his early thirties asked me to undo my shirt and show him my breast. I could have shown him my breast and earn more money but I didn’t because it wasn’t just about showing him a pair of breasts but it was about turning from a good working girl into a cheap slut.

I am not saying that all the girls who do this kind of thing are bad I mean no girl wants to do it by her own choice but it’s just the situations and time that pushed us to do those things but at that time I controlled myself and controlled by greed and need for money.

After that many men asked me if I wanted to earn more, they had asked me to give them a hand job, blowjob, just touch him, show my body, and many other things. And some really cheap men asked me straight to let him fuck me for money but I never lost my mind and never accepted their offer.

One day I came back from college and went straight to the parlor. I changed into my uniform which was a white blouse and a red skirt. Our owner had asked us to wear this uniform and I never liked it because the blouse was very low neck and the skirt was even shorter than I wear in college.

So men always can see us showing our cleavage and get excited. Many times they lay down on the table in their shorts/undergarments but some cheap guys totally get naked and just cover themselves with a towel but how can anyone hide an erection with a towel and I had to look at those hard dick all the time.

So that day, when I went to the parlor my manager asked me to go to room no. 4. As I went in I saw a familiar face he was John, a businessman and quite rich. He had also offered me extra money but he never tried to touch my breast or thighs like some other had tried to do.

Today when I went near to him I felt something unusual, he was covered with a towel below his waist but there was something different. And they suddenly I saw his boxers on the floor so that means he was naked under the towel.

I bent a little to grab the bottle of oil and he was waiting for me to bend, he stared at my cleavage and smiled looking at me, I couldn’t do anything and just poured some oil on his chest and started massaging. When I reached his tummy and went a little down he started getting hard.

Within seconds he was hard and I could see his Kenyan dick making a tent of that towel.

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Ok, Mombasa Raha! That was embarrassing but he seemed to enjoy this.

“What do you think, today I can give you more money than the last time I offered,” He said.

I looked into his eyes and saw that they were filled with lust and he was not looking at my face, he was looking at my breast. I turned a little to avoid him but he grabbed my hand and I felt that he dragged my hand under the towel and made me touch his cock.

When I looked at him, he was enjoying my touch and I pulled out my hand.

I smiled back and get off that towel from his hard cock and his cock was totally hard. I looked at him while grabbing his cock, he smiled again and he seemed really happy with what I was doing.

I poured some oil on his cock, and started jerking off faster.

“Slowly slowly, Please ahh” He was saying because as I was doing it must be a little hard and painful for him. As I felt that he was about to cum and he spurted the first stream of cum I squeezed his cock hard and bent it from the middle, I broke his cock and he screamed aloud.

He was in pain and was breathing heavily after the orgasm. He didn’t have any energy to catch me as I stepped back. I went out of the parlor while my other colleagues went to my room to check out what happened as they had heard the scream of John.

I went home and checked the Mombasa porn videos that I had been recording in the parlor during work, I had secretly recorded everything from the first day of my work to the present day. I have all the proof about john talking dirty to me and asking me to have sex with him for money and pushing me to be a whore.

So in case if he would file a complaint against me then I had all the proof against him too.

I didn’t want to hurt anyone and I am not an enemy of all the males in the world but sometimes people like John pushed us to do things like I just did to John. People like him first pushed us into prostitution and other things and then they create organizations to act against us.

They give a long speech describing how prostitution is spoiling society. But in truth, its people like him are running life of girls like us.

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