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Erotic StoriesThe Most Famous SEX Positions in 2024!

The Most Famous SEX Positions in 2024!

Have you felt dreary while having sex? Why don’t you take a bath and seduce your partner? Try the most famous sex positions people do in bed, on beaches, and even in public places.

The Best Sex Positions In 2023

Sipping vanilla lattes after a cardio workout, reading your new book at the beach, and partying with your friends till the sun comes up are the things we like to keep repeating. But, does someone here like to keep repeating the same sex position for a lifetime? Is it missionary all the time? Don’t you want to try something new and a little twisted?

Know that whenever you lift a finger or wink your eyes, it is all controlled by the brain, and the brain is a complex organ in your body. And our brains love changes, surprises, and authenticity. That’s why you can never deny the fact that somewhere in the deepest part of your mind, you are eager to try a new position. However, you’re a bit shy about starting a discussion like this with your partner. 

Things like this must be considered typical issues. Why would you settle with someone unable to satisfy your needs in bed? Saying what you prefer in bed can make your relationship stronger. It proves that you both open up yourselves and trust one another. 

Changing positions might also be crucial in some sorts of conditions, for example, a pregnant woman. It’s really both important for our bodies and satisfaction. Finding the most comfortable position is the key that will make you both stimulated. 

Add “explore new positions” to your bucket list this 2023. Don’t get left behind. There are different positions below that you can try! Some of them are even my favorite positions in bed. I can assure you that you’ll be satisfied. 

1. Missionary: The Historical Position.

Missionary Sex Style

Get over the nostalgic pasts behind your carefree days when everything you did in bed was repetitive forwards and backward. Build a different twist on the old missionary position. So instead of spreading your legs, let your husband’s legs overlap your torso, allowing shared penetrative intercourse. Missionary isn’t just based on appearance but also on your current relationship.

2. Cushion Position

Cushion Sex position

For more comfort, get a cushion and put it beneath your hips. Shift your weight, lift the hip, and open your legs widely enough to drive. It will help you adjust the level of depth while also stimulating the clit area.

3. The Cowgirl’s Helper

The Cowgirl’s Helper

You kneel on top of your partner, pushing off their chest and sliding up and down their thighs, similar to the classic Cowgirl sex position. You can get some assistance from your partner by bearing all the pressure and gripping your pelvis or legs as they keep rising with each thrust. Because your limbs are less stressed in this position, reaching orgasm is faster. When you are with a man, these sex positions can help everyone benefit by delaying his orgasm. To please specific regions of the vulva, switch from slow to deeper thrusting

4. Wheelbarrow

Wheelbarrow Sex Position

Let your partner hold your hips, lift your legs, and place your hands on the floor. Next, lock them at their waists on your thighs. In addition, this sex position can help your arms tone up and lead to faster penetration. You can lean on a bedside table if you take a break.

5. The Leapfrog

It actually looks like a dog style that has some twists. Put your hands on your knees, then relax your upper body on the bed while keeping your pelvis lifted. It allows you to penetrate deeper. You can also play with your clit in this position. 

Hitting it from the back

More Famous SEX Positions To Try Out Today!

6. The Dog Style

The Doggy Style Sex Position

Including all hands and knees, bend from the reverse position of partner’s upper torso straight ahead or partially stretched as the dogs do in mating.  It’s easier to stimulate G-spot with this position.  Put a twist by touching your clitoris, or let him do the hand job for you.

7. The Face-off

The Face Off Sex Position

Face your partner and make him sit on your thighs or, let him sit on a couch or at the tip of the mattress. You will have total power over the position and intensity of the insertion and drive in this position. It’s ideal for long sexual encounters because sitting provides balance. Trust your fingertips to express for themselves to add more excitement.

8. The 69

The 69 Sex Style

Let your partner lay on their back, straight on their back. You’ll appear just like figure 69 TikTok porn in this manner, don’t you agree? Your tongue should be paralleled with genitals and vice versa. Do it at a side-by-side angle as well. The biggest feature is the tongue to genitals, but don’t be afraid to get your fingers dirty as well. Bring a sex toy with you.

Watch One of The Best Sex Position In 2022 Video Here

Watch One of The Best Sex Position In 2022 Video Here

These are the most famous sex positions we have found many couples, from young to old, enjoy while they’re either on holiday or feeling kinky at a party.

Add the list of YOUR best sex position in the comments below.

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