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Erotic StoriesDiary of a Nairobi Raha escort

Diary of a Nairobi Raha escort

Well, being a escort is quite sweet and fun, ni raha. Why I settled for Nairobi Raha? Hmm, long story, but hey, why not tell you? Okay. Talk of beauty, am quite a gem. What of brains? Am that nerd you need. Mash up the two and spice it up with some naughtiness, you get a sweet beast to rip your lust apart. I decided to sign up as a NairobiRaha escort because I liked the girls I saw there, queens like me.

Of angels and office guys!

He called me, said he’s attending a conference in Nairobi town and wanted my company. His name was Raphael, I called him Raph. Fast forward to when he came to pick me at the coffee shop.

Sweet and cool for his stature but when he asked me to stand for a hug, he grabbed my waist softly and whispered, “in the next 24 hours, call me Rough”, I sighed coz after that, he squeezed my waist harder.

“Face-check, ass-check, boobs-check!” he said. “Your Nairobi Raha profile looks nice, but how do I know you are tight down there? “I smiled, never knew he’d be such a naughty boy, but am always armed.

I pulled out a 0.5kg of chocolate, you know the long bars that are about 7 inches? Yeah, that one. I removed the wrapped, ran my tongue along the bar then asked him, “are you that sweet?” He chuckled.

I gave him the bar, held his hand and guided it down the café’s table. Left then right, nobody noticed. “Nairobi Raha and it’s angels will never disappoint” he said. I spread my thighs, I let the moist and warm chocolate bar tip spread my pussy lips and asked him in a sweet low tone with a smile “Raph, with an A, can you gently get the bar in me? Oh, sorry, Rough with an OU, can you shove it deep inside? “Well, my reviews at Nairobi Raha are good but well, today I’ll get a great review, I knew it.

What do they say of daring monsters? This cool human just shoved the whole damn bar in me, till his fingers threatened to enter too. Did I say how I cursed? Sorry, but I just let out an ooh-holy-shit moan, everyone looked at me. I had to spill some coffee for everyone to get their eyes on me. It was fun, ni raha, and for me being a Nairobi Raha escort, I knew this was the life I wanted.

We walked to his car and I could feel the chocolate drip from inside down my thigh. “I’ve never experienced this kind of an introduction from a Nairobi Raha girl before, you’re quite a tiny sweet angel”. I don’t like when they say tiny coz am 5.5″ because my ass is quite a pair of bubble and my boobs can feed a squad.

Anyway, we reached his car, as I was grabbing my bag for some wipes, he pinned me back on the seat by the neck, and in a low dark tone said, “spread them”. Naughty? hmm. It gave me a heat wave and I was really horny.

The chocolate melted faster and aroma of my juices started to fill the car. He dipped a finger at a time and licked it clean. “Hell no, your fingers are huge, be gentle”, I said. “That’s why I picked you among others at Nairobi Raha”,he said.

Pheeew, was that the last dip inside me? I lost count when he clocked 86 fingerings. I had reached my orgasm thrice and if he dipped it again, I was going to squirt. Luckily, he didn’t.

“Shit, am late. I’ll drop you where you want then I’ll come pick you tomorrow we head to the conference. Thanks for your time. My review is already at your Nairobi Raha profile. “How now could he awaken my demons and summon them back? I turned the knob under the seat, reclined it, curled on it facing the door with my skirt up my waist and ass facing him and I screamed, “fuck you Raph, Rough or whoever you are, if you’re not banging this pussy, to hell with your stuff!” Tears rolled down my cheeks. I was horny and angry, I could feel my thighs shake. “Is this what ai signed up for at Nairobi Raha? No, I deserve a bang.

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