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Erotic StoriesMe, My Wife and Our Bisexual Maid- A Prefect Love Triangle

Me, My Wife and Our Bisexual Maid- A Prefect Love Triangle

Am a semi-absent husband. That’s what she calls me when we argue about me not being home every night. My wife is also a semi-absent wife because she is not home every day to wash and clean. That makes us a couple of semi-absent partners. We had to get a bisexual maid and here is where trouble set in!

My wife posted the job on Facebook and got many requests from different people. We vetted every lady one by one and settled for a short humble looking and soft spoken girl of 29 years. For me, I liked how short and sweet she looked, I definitely wanted to bang her. Long story short, she came to work at our house and wore very descent clothes.

I was curious to know why she was such professional yet she isn’t married. So, one day I came home and entered the house through the back door. As I entered the corridor to the bedrooms, I heard her moaning and something like porn playing. I peeped quietly through the door which wasn’t closed.

The Bisexual Maid

She was lying on her back, legs bent and wanking what looked like a thick dick. Watching her do that aroused me so much that I slid my right hand in my pants and slowly rubs the already dripping precum on my dick head. She reached her climax and cum was gushing everywhere with her eyes closed. Having screwed my wife a long time ago, I also felt my dick throbbing hard as I came.

Unluckily, I moaned and she let out a scream but I hushed her down. “I have never seen a bisexual in real life and you never looked like the ones I see in porn” I said. “Please don’t fire me, I have had no job for a long time, boss”, she said. “Can I touch?” I said pointing at the already frail dick covered in thick cum.” She almost cried saying, “Please don’t fire me”.

I touched her dick with my fingers first them later held in in my palm. Wow! She was quite thick, I bet it was about 7 inches and round, unlike my veined 6 inch. “Every screwed a lady before? “I asked, she nodded in agreement with a lot of shyness. “Can you screw my wife?” I asked. “No boss, she doesn’t know am bisexual and she can freak out, no I can’t”. “I asked if you can not if you can get her into agreeing.

If you fuck her, I’ll not fire you” I said. She had no choice but agree, in the meantime, she wanked my dick as we spoke and when I was about to come, she rubbed my dickhead on her tits then put my dick in her already moist mouth. I almost became numb trying to shoot every drop of cum down her throat. “That’s for not firing me, I’ve never done it before but I think you deserved one.” she said.

Getting my wife to accept a second dick, worse, from a bisexual was a difficult task. But hey! We always play truth and dare quite often. So, that night I dared her to let me do some BDSM to her. She was a charming thick lady and so she agreed to let me tie her to the bed, doggy style at the edge of the bed.

I also blindfolded her and made sure she was so aroused. I sneaked out short maid into the room, played loud music then let her enter my wife’s pussy first. Damn! My wife moaned and sighed really deeply. Guess what? She pressed her chest on the bed and lifted her ass really up so her pussy was all out.

My maid thrust really deep and hard till I pulled her quietly out of my wife and signaled her out of the bedroom. I took over and banged that pussy with a lot of lust. When done, my wife lay there wasted, saying, she prefers that to the normal sex. That meant we had to share my wife with my bisexual maid who always blows my dick every morning.

It’s been 7 months now doing that.” She has never asked me for pads or told me about her boyfriend or anything sweet! Is she okay?” My wife asked one morning after noticing our maid is quite a shy but quiet. “She is a good girl, let her be” I said. Is that what we call a love triangle or what?

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