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Erotic StoriesSex on The Balcony With My Neighbor's Daughter During Christmas Holiday!

Sex on The Balcony With My Neighbor’s Daughter During Christmas Holiday!

Sex on the balcony with my neighbor’s daughter during Christmas holiday celebrations has always been a dream of mine since I met her sexy wet Kenyan pussy during our last holiday together.

That was last year – she had asked me what I’d wanted as a Christmas gift and I jokingly answered her, that it was her I wanted as a gift. She then asked how. Since we were on our balcony, I told her sex on the balcony is what I craved. She giggled, then as bad luck would have it – her mum called her to go help out in the kitchen.

We were leaving ushago that same day and I have never been back there since. So I never got to hear her response on what I’d asked for as a Christmas gift. This year I was determined to find out if she would want to hang out. Maybe make out and suck my horny Kenyan dick – especially after I had met a Kenyan escort who had sucked my brains out a few months back and was now hooked to Kenyan blowjobs.

Little did I know she was also waiting on me to go back home!

After getting home on Christmas morning my family decided to visit so friends. I decided to stick around and look for my neighbor’s daughter. I found her in their backyard, where she sheepishly confessed she had heard our car pull up next to our house and was peeping through the fence to see if I’d come to celebrate the holiday.

She didn’t waste any time asking if I was still interested in the gift. It almost seemed too good to be true! I told her to come to our place with no bra or undies as my parents had left and we could get fucking immediately. She didn’t ask to go back to their house, she just followed me into the balcony – with no panties or undies!! Indeed she really wanted to fuck!

She confessed that she hadn’t had sex in a year and was really horny – then she asked me to lay down lat and started unbuttoning my jeans. She gasped in surprise as my huge Kenyan cock – fully erect – stared at her in lust.

She wasted no time! As she slid my dick in her EXTREMELY wet Kenyan pussy, she asked me to record it. Check out the video below!!

Watch Sex on The Balcony With My Neighbors Daughter During Christmas Holiday Video Below:

Watch Balcony Sex With My Neighbors Daughter During Christmas Holiday Video Here

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