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Erotic StoriesEpisode 2: Why Should I Not Open My Legs?

Episode 2: Why Should I Not Open My Legs?

Every girl at some point has dreams of a happy marriage and kids. We are not exceptional; we had those dreams and somehow still nurture them. But then one of the side effects of prostitution is that it makes it almost impossible to trust the institution of marriage. How are you going to believe your man is not cheating when you have slept with countless married men?  Some even without protection? And then that’s only a small part of it. A key pillar of marriage is how the married view sex; as the special thing that should be shared only by your partner. Once a prostitute you lose respect for sex. It becomes just another resource.

So having a husband and kid in the house is no excuse not to sleep with the neighbor, if you can get something out of it. You can’t go hungry or leave below your dreams in the name of faithfulness. It doesn’t matter if you are married to a rich honey and are self sustaining; there will be always that something that you want, and when the opportunity to part your legs in exchange for it comes you will seize it. A large number of girls here have kids. And an equally large number have boyfriends. Most don’t know what their girls do.

Some of the clients here get carried away by the girls they sleep with and decide to keep them in the house as wives. The assumption is if they provide for the girl or open a business for her she will keep her legs together. But it never works. Seems it the curse of the trade. A few of the girls here are also married and hearing what they say you pity the husbands at home. Ironically most of us want to get married. We have to try it out, if it works well and good, if it doesn’t too bad. The dream of course is to land a white man because of the prestige and the money associated with it. But the white men in this city are too clever to fall for a prostitute unless of course if they want some sort of sex slave in the house.  The foolish ones are at the coast.

I am not interested in marriage. I know very well I can’t remain faithful or locked up in the house the whole night. But I want a kid. Yeah, a kid. And the father will certainly be a client with the right genes. Ironically too a man with the right genes will be the last to have unprotected sex with a prostitute. And that’s a challenge, at the right time; I will have to trick the right man to his seed inside me.

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