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Erotic Stories16 Hilariously Underrated Sex Tips You Wish You Always knew

16 Hilariously Underrated Sex Tips You Wish You Always knew


Keep it wet, keep it clean, keep it fun.


Sex can be a rollercoaster of emotions – sometimes it’s mind-blowingly amazing and leads to orgasms galore, and sometimes it can end in disaster and a trip🔭 to the emergency room.


Because we’d all prefer to have less of the bad times and more of the toe-curling, name-screaming fun times, there is article after article online preaching sex advice and sex tips. From ways to start sexting your beau in ways that will really heat things up, to steps on buying the perfect vibrator, there is no shortage of how-to’s when it comes to tips on performing in the bedroom.


While advice articles are fantastic sources of tips and tricks, when it comes to sex, we want real and we want tried and tested. We want tips that are so out there you’d never read about them in an article, and ones that are so common-sense you’d never even think of them.👯🙌💃


So here are 16 of the funniest, weirdest and most underrated sex tips you’ll find anywhere but get only @kilimanindogo 👏🔥




1. “Carry Wet wipes. They are great for so many reasons. You can clean up your junk if you sense you’re about to get an emergency blow job and you can give them to your lady after sex and OMG, she will be grateful AF .”🔥💋💋😘


2. “Pool/Bath/Jacuzzi sex is actually a bit of a letdown. Why? Water makes for a terrible lubricant.” 🤔❤️💋


3. “Always pull out anal beads gently. Can’t stress this point enough.” 🔞❤️💃🚢


4. “A towel nearby or in use is never, ever, a bad idea.” 💤💤💠🍑


5. “If it’s not clean enough to put in your mouth, it’s not clean enough to go in her vagina.”


6. “CUT YOUR FINGERNAILS!!!!” 😳😳😳😱😱🙄🙄

16 Hilariously Underrated Sex Tips You Wish You Always knew

7. “Guys, listen. If you’re not 100% confident in your ability to dirty talk, don’t do it. It can be hot but sometimes phrases like “tight clit” come out, and your partner is too busy laughing her fucking ass off to finish.”


8. “It’s ok to laugh. Human bodies at their most vulnerable are often awkward and ridiculous. Laughter implies comfort and even emotional maturity. It means I’m comfortable with both of our bodies, and I want this to be fun.”


9. “Those flavored lubes/condoms that have sugar in them cause yeast infections.”


10. “Always pee after. Always.”


11. “For both genders, always wash your ass good, like not just the outer cheeks and crack. You gotta get in there and clean the whole thing.” 🌘🌹🌹🌝🌞🌻🌼🐕


12. “The amusement park is very close to the toxic waste facility.”


13. “You don’t just put it in and leave it there.”


14. “Touching a dry clit is like touching the tip of the dick dry, over and over again. Just don’t do it. Make it wet, the more the better.”


15. “Ask before you stick a finger in your dudes butt. Ask politely before you stick a finger into anyone’s orifices, really.


16. “It’s inexplicably better with someone you love.”


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