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Erotic StoriesMwende's Role Playing Fantasy Cums To Life:

Mwende’s Role Playing Fantasy Cums To Life:

This week, I had the pleasure of sipping a glass of Ice Tea with Mwende. She’s a gorgeous 29 Year Old, who works for an Investment firm along Mombasa Road. She resides in Athi-River. She’s a neat freak. She’s currently engaged to Mr. Nzioka and she also has a role-playing fantasy that she’s always wanted to explore.

Today being Thursday, a day that she’s normally “off” – her fantasy will come to life.

Without much further ado, here is a page extract from her life.

10.42 a.m. I woke up to the chirping of birds on my window pane.
After I’d sat up in bed, on formality, I found the remote, and I pressed play. Instantly, a compilation of Mozart’s symphony came to life on the stereo.

10.52 a.m. I’m reading a Magazine while still propped up in bed.
There’s an article that has my full-pledged attention. It’s an article about a woman that only gets to orgasm through sheer domination.

#Hmmm interesting, I read it on.

11.07 a.m. After I get done reading the article, I haul my laptop to my next destination. (Bafu!)
Once in there, as I take a leak. Like everyone else in the world, I also nose deep on everyone’s business on Facebook. I’m also trying to unearth the latest scoop on – “who did what, what went on where, who wore what, and the entire hullabaloo.

11.48 a.m. Safaricom starts issues with the net. After frugal failed attempts to refresh the page, I eventually give up on Usororaji 101, and in retrospect; I opt to take a bath.

Noon: I’m all sprawled out in the bathtub. I’m armed with-a flute glass, which is filled with wine. Some candles are lit and Yes, Mozart is still playing in the background. As I soak and sip, images of the woman that only manages to climax through domination hover around in my mind.
For a minute or two, all I seem to do is; fanaticize about her-as-she-takes-in-his-manhood-while-she’s-all-ruffed-up and tied-up somewhere on top of a carpet. The thought immediately makes my clit throb and as a response to my clitoral urges, I take refuge in calling up my fiancée.

12.17 p.m. The phone call begins with a little bit of liveliness to it, but when I disclose that; I’m in the bathtub, I’m sipping onto wine and I’m horny. Fiancée’s voice apparently turns into a purr and he constantly whispers sweet nothings as we converse.

12.22 p.m. The phone call spirals into daytime-phone-sex-per-my-demands.
He meticulously instructs me on where I ought to touch and how he wants it touched.
He instructs that I rub onto my clit. I do as instructed.
He then asks that I go deeper while fingering my pussy, I do as I’m asked. He urges that I quickly rub onto my clit in rapid circular movements, I do as urged. But just as I’m about to get to climax-villa, some lady’s voice comes to life in his background and this distracts my train of thought.

In a distinctively nyerified accent, she asks

“Zioka, ukimarisana na ku’pereka the package @ 2.30 p.m kwa Offisi ya Mr. Wiriam, utarudi kwa offisi ama uta eda home?”

Fiancée: “Nita eda home waithera!!!” Fiancée says in a mocking manner

Waithera: “Okay… but before uede, prease c uta’make sure that umesima lights zote?”

Fiancée: “Sawa waithera, nita c sima!!! Fiancée adds.

Waithera: “O’ooh! na kabra ni sahau, ukifika home. Sarimia Mwede sana. Me nime eda home, tutaonana keso.” she whines.

“Sawa keso Waithera. Safe journey na enjoy the rest of your day!” fiancée says

After she’s left his office, Fiancée vehemently apologizes for that rude service interruption. He asks if I want to proceed with the phone sex, I say, “No-Thanks. I’m already fizzled out.” He remarks by saying that, “he knows better than to restart the whole ordeal again. To him, it would actually feel like-trying-to-restart a coal train during winter.”

“How uncalled for!” I remark

Trying to sweep the whole-Waithera-incident under the rug, tactfully we find solace in conversing about other things. I tell him about a fantasy that I’ve always had. He says that “one of these fine days we must try it out.”
He mentions that he might swing by, just to check up on me but he ain’t sure what that time will be.
#before we hung up, he declares that; today he has a surprise in store for me. I remark by saying, “I can’t wait!!”

12.42 p.m. We hung up, and I quickly finish freshening up.

1.12 p.m. I’m tucked underneath a shawl as I wine and dine on last-nights; left-over’s of pasta and minced meat.
#I’m also watching an Afro-Cinema movie on Citizen as wolf down the meal.

3.00 p.m. Afro Cinema ends.
#Like the Majority of Afro-Cinema movies that I’ve got to watch, this too had the same plotline.
(Someone comes back home from abroad. They are all in anticipation to reunite back with a lover from the hay days. Then as the storyline unfolds, they come to the grim realization that; the Yester-Year lover, has actually eloped into the hands of their best friend and they are apparently married.)
What a cliché!!

3.27 p.m. I’m knee-deep into multi-tasking. I’m chatting away with friends on the the-Mashada-chat-line forum; I’m doing a load of laundry, and I’m also trying to talk sense into Mweni – who’s online via Facebook. (She’s a long-term friend who’s currently based in Kansas, US.)
(Talk about a touché!!!) – She’s also mumbling about how she intends to return to Kenya to reunite with; the massively endowed long-time boyfriend.
Though to some degree her idea is quite bizarre, (especially due to the fact that, I know-how-tragic-the-movie-ended) in an amazing show of girl-power-solidarity, I still take to her side as she rants on about, how useless the Kenyan men in Kansas are.

4.17 p.m. The conversation ends on a positive note. (Her words)
She’s now in good spirits because I gave her the listening ear and she got the chance to air and clear out her chest.
Certain that she’s okay, I flimsily give an excuse and Pap!!! Nika-logout from Facebook.
#Now it’s just me and my alter ego on the Mashada Chatroom

5.28 p.m. I’m taken aghast by the floorboard creaking in one of the rooms. Just as I’m about to go to check up on it, something rumbles from inside.
(It certainly feels like, someone-is-flanging-open the doors to the dresser.)
As I inch closer, a thud emanates from inside the room. Now I’m petrified. In fact, I’m so shaken that, I can’t decide if I should raise alarm, or break for a mad-dash-upstairs to go grab my cell (so that I can call for help.)
As I listen on, suddenly-the doorjamb starts turning, and ironically, pin-drop silence takes center stage as I gaze on.

5.32 p.m. A Masked-Man brandishing a surgical knife emerges from the room. On him noticing me, he precedes to calls me out by the name.
This scares the shit out of me and in retrospect, I scream atop of my lungs. He gets irked by this action and in full flight, he sprints towards me.
Once he’s pounced on me, we get on the floor rolling. He’s got his idle gloved hand all over my mouth and another hand threatens to slither open my throat if I dare to cause alarm again

5.36 p.m. He’s on top of me, but he threatens not to kill me if I co-operate.
He starts by asking,

“kuna mtu mwengine kwaa hii nyumba?”

I quickly say, “Apana, niko peke yangu.”

Masked man: “Hope haunidanganyi, coz if you are, utakufa leo!” He barks on

Me: “Hapana sikudanganyi, niko peke yangu,” I manage to say while still gasping for breath.

Masked man: “Hope hakuna mtu ume pigia simu, kum’show that kuna intruder kwa hao. Kunayo?” he asks in an arrogant tone

Me: with a shaky ebbed voice I add “Hakuna I promise!”

Masked man: “Wapi simu?” he asks with annoyance.

Me: “Iko upstairs kwa room” I wimp.

Masked Man: “Nipeleke kwa room nika confirm.” He demands.

Me: “Okay, wacha nikupeleke,”

Masked man: “Ukijaribu kuhepa ama kupiga makelele. Msupa leo utashtuka vile Abduba Dida alivyostuka after kujuwa that, kwa polling station yake, alipata too votes mbili ilhali ana wives wa tatu.
Kama hautaki kudie please usinitest, sawa? He says.

Me: “Sawa na understand. Na nita co-operate!” I say while trying to sound re-assuring.

Masked man: “Sawa twende, sina the whole day!!” he chums.

5.41 p.m. I’m frog matched to the room. Once in there, he demands that I lay on top of the bed on my belly. I do as instructed.
He then proceeds to asks me where I keep my head scarfs. I point at the night stand adjacent to the bed. He reaches out and gets out a blue silky one. He then forcefully demands that I clasp my fingers behind my back and he binds my hands together around the writs.
When he’s done with the hands, he embarks on to binds my legs around the ankles and using a sock, he gags me up.

5.47 p.m. Masked Man roams around my room. When he finds my cell, he removes the sock from my mouth, asks for the security code, then after his satisfied that I haven’t called anyone, he gags me back on and he switches off the phone by removing the battery.

#such an ape move masked man, such an ape move!

6.02 p.m. Masked Man starts going through my drawers.
He finds my dildo underneath a pile of lingerie.
He then turns it on, and when it starts buzzing, he hysterically laughs out loud. After he manages to controls his laughter, he inches it closer to his nose and sniffs it.

#another ape move masked man, another ape move!

“Wow! Now that’s a heavenly scent that you’ve got going on down there, I ought to put a tongue on it” he says while flashing an up-to-no-good-smile

6.07 p.m. His attention shifts to some thongs and g-strings in the drawer. He sniffs them, but in retro he remarks

“Hizi zina nuka sabuni ya kipande!!! Girl on your next wash, Make sure that; ume-invest in stay soft ama sunlight”

6.15 p.m. (Just as I’m thinking that this couldn’t get any-worse. The unimaginable happens.)
~He makes his way to where I lay, he kneels on the bed, and lustfully, he starts caressing me.
~He starts by-slowly-feeling-on-my ass-on top of the sweatpants, then as his breaths heighten, he switches his technique to capping and kneading each butt cheek.

“Nita perform a little bit of an operation on you, so make sure that, for the next few minutes utakuwa still. This blade ni razor sharp, so na advice, usi flinch, otherwise nitakukata vi-accidentally” he utters as he gleefully rubs onto his hands.

6.28 p.m. Masked Man; grabs on to his surgical blade and with precision, he embarks to-cuts-out-the-threads-that-join-the-sweatpants-together- along-the-ass.
#this experience makes me curl my toes to say the least.
After his done, excitedly he spanks me, and in circular motions, he proceeds to knead each butt cheek again,

6.37 p.m. His fingers find the lips of my pussy.

6.38 p.m. His middle finger finds its way into my pussy.

6.39 p.m. He adds the index finger into the fiasco.

6.40 p.m. I’m panting and moaning through the sock as he fingers me on.

6.47 p.m. Masked man; cuts-his-fingering-act-short. Then, in an unforeseen move, he gets naked.
He then removes the gag from my mouth, and as a replacement to the sock, his humongous dick finds its way into my mouth.

# I’m tempted to bite it “off” but I know better than that. Biting it “off” will certainly make him slither open my throat.
In an effort to save my life, I sucked him off, and when he cums, I willing fully swallow.

6.58 p.m. He says, “It’s now my time to cum!!!”

6.59 p.m. He unbinds my legs and using the dildo, he penetrates me.
He’s fluctuating in-between; deep thrusting and mild stroking, to get me to cum’villa

7.07 p.m. Legs are shaking and everything. Later on, I squirt so hard on the dildo!
#Cuming all over it.

7.10. p.m. masked man unbinds my hands and he removes his mask.
We lay in bed thereafter. (I’m softly stroking his dick as I lay on his chest.)

7.15 p.m. I head down stars to prepare dinner for my fiancée.

7.40 p.m. Dinner is served. We eat dinner while chit-chatting about the role-playing fantasy. He’s delighted that I squirted all over the place and I swallowed.
I ask him if, for real the lingerie smelt like sabuni ya kipande. He says it did.

8.00 p.m. I talk fiancée into watching a soap-opera with me on KTN. He agrees.

9.00 p.m. We watch the News on Citizen, and then we call it a night.

Days Mischiefs:
1 act of reading misappropriates material; 1 act of daydreaming with a woman; 1 act of failed self-pleasure; 1 act of being advised on how to wash my ngotha’s; 1 act of pants alteration; 1 act of bondage;1 act of climaxing; 1 act of luring fiancée to watch a soap-opera; 1 act of swallowing.


If you would like to share your escapade with me, kindly submit your article to [email protected] and if you’ve got what it takes, your article will feature in next week’s column.

Thanks for reading, and always know that your feedback and comments are of uttermost importance.

Yours faithfully

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