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These Are the Best Possible Experiences in Birmingham on the Day You Turn 18!

In addition to their birthday, the first day of school, the wedding day, and the birthday of their first child, another crucial day in the life of every man is the day they turn 18.

This age is synonymous with reaching adult status in most European states and it opens many doors, both literally and figuratively. Of course, this calls for a big party, as well as one or more unique experiences, that weren’t accessible before.

By reading this article further, you’ll find out a few of the activities you can do on the big day, alone or together with your best friends.

  1. Binge drinking at your favorite local bar. First of all, since reaching adulthood is the same as being able to drink legally, why not use this opportunity to binge drink at your favorite local bar, with your best friends? Logically, since it’s your birthday, drinks will be on you: everyone will choose their favorite cocktail, order it, and then they’ll wish you a long, healthy, and happy life. The most important thing, if you opt for this way to spend the day, is to take care that nobody gets too tipsy (you have to be responsible, you’re an adult now, remember?);
  2. Bungee jumping. Many people choose to mark a special date in the calendar (such as the day they turn 18, 20, or 30 – “round” ages) with a rather “shocking” activity, for example, bungee jumping or skydiving. This way, they will make the event even more memorable, both literally and figuratively, and they will set a milestone in terms of courage, life experience, etc. After that, they can say: “Before I was an adult, I was afraid to bungee jump. But, the day I turned 18, nothing could hold me back and I conquered even my biggest fears. Now, I’m ready for anything!”;

Bungee jumping in Birmingham

  1. Getting your first car. In Great Britain, the legal age to drive a car is 17, therefore a year before officially becoming an adult, but some parents decide to wait one more year before buying their sons or daughters their first car. If this is the case and you end up with your own vehicle on one of your most important birthday anniversaries, you can take one or two of your closest friends and go for a ride on the outskirts of the city or on a scenic road;
  2. Calling a Birmingham escort agency. Last but not least, if you’re of legal age, you can enjoy absolutely all the pleasures of life, including the company of a beautiful, smart, and very experienced woman. For example, you can take her out to dinner at a fancy restaurant in town, where she will teach you how to behave with a woman in order to be successful in this chapter as well. This interaction could prove extremely useful for the future when you don’t want to make any mistakes in looking for the perfect life partner.

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