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Erotic StoriesHotel Seduction Erotic Story

Hotel Seduction Erotic Story

I don’t know what made me think of her that way, but I really felt like banging that voluptuous waiter right there at the hotel.

Maybe it was that skirt… yeah she had a short black skirt, unlike the others who wore trousers. It was not exactly a mini but it didn’t go below the knee level.

Actually, I hadn’t thought of getting inside her panties until she brought my order.

You see I could tell from her looks she was much older than me, probably 28 to 35 against my 21 years of existence in this world. So any sort of approach was likely to be met with a stern rebuke.

What if I just tell her the truth?

“Hi, I don’t even know your name but I’d like to fuck you like I’ve never fucked any other woman before…”

Before my string of weird thoughts could go full cycle, I felt someone standing very close to me.

“Do you want anything else?” she asked.

Apparently, I’d been staring straight at her but not really looking as I was picturing her naked in my tiny cubicle back at the hostel.

“Err… um… No, Nothing I’m okay” I managed to stammer feeling a little embarrassed.

She smiled knowingly and left to clear some tables behind me.

As she passed by my table with the crockery she had collected, I felt her brush her body slightly against my shoulder.

Actually, I was not very sure she did that. Since she brought me my lunch, my mind was not functioning properly.

Well, even if she’d just brushed against my shoulder, there was no way she would be willing to fulfill my fantasy.

I recollected myself and finished my food as quickly as possible.

At least I didn’t have to ask anyone for permission to leave damned the hotel. I went over to the counter the pay the bill.

“How much,” I asked her.

She didn’t answer, just held out a receipt her eyes glued to my face and some sort of smirk on her face. Oh! No! She is taunting me now.

I got my perfect revenge, a 1000 shillings note for my 150 shillings bill – yeah most cashiers don’t like giving out ‘all their change’.

Not this one, she actually smiled. She just held the note against the light to check whether it was authentic then stood up, straightened her skirt then walked around the counter to go out.

Damn! Waiting a few more minutes for my change was not what I had bargained for. She walked a few paces from me then turned back and said “come nikutafutie change”.

At least I was getting out of the damned hotel as if that counted for anything. We got outside the restaurant door but instead of heading out of the building, she took the stairs.

I hesitated but she beckoned me to follow her.

We went up to floors before she followed one of the long corridors flanked by rooms on both sides – guesthouse! Don’t ask me what I was thinking then. We reached the end and she produced a key and opened one of the rooms so we got in.

That’s when she broke the silence. “Najua chenye ulikuwa unataka”

I didn’t know what to say so I just looked at her.

She instructed me to fetch her handbag from the top of a closet while she walked to the bed, which was halfway hidden by the closet.

I overturned the small plastic dustbin got the bag and turned around to hand it to her but she had disappeared to the hidden edge of the bed.

I moved over to hand over the bag but I stopped dead in my tracks when she came to view.

She had crouched over the bed; her skirt hiked up all the way over her ass and her head slightly turned to face me with a better smile than what I had seen before.

She repeated her statement that she knew what I wanted the added “fungua bag utoe ninii ukuje”.

Well… if you were me, what would you have done?

I quickly rummaged through the bag looking for the one thing that was keeping me from fucking the damned daylights out of this lady.

Sure enough, I found a pack with 3 rubbers intact.

I struggled to rip one open because any passing second meant my cock could rip the fly of my jeans off – Or worse, she might change her mind.

Once the rubber got free, I undid my belt, button, and fly then lowered my trouser and boxers as my cock sprung free. I rolled the condom on and moved behind this wonderful lady who wanted nothing else but a hot cock ramming her from the rear.

ramming her from the rear

I run my fingers on her slit and oh my god! She was already wet.

I replaced my fingers with my now-almost bursting dick and rubbed it along her slit a few times just to prepare her. I could hear her breathing rate increasing with every rub.

I moved back a bit positioning the head on her entrance. I started pushing in with slow strokes until my cock got halfway in.

This time her quick breathing was punctuated by gasps.

I started moving in and out, each time going in deeper than I had been until my entire dick got in.

“Please FUCK ME NOW!… sssssh…. Aah, ah! ahh! ahhh!” were her only words as I started increasing speed.

Her pussy was getting wetter and wetter with every stroke.

Her quick breath and gasps now turned into real moans but the noise that really got me going was the wet sloppy sound from her pussy as I pumped harder into her womanhood.

We had been going on for about five minutes when she started spreading her legs wider pushing her ass back at me.

As if by instinct, I moved my right hand from her ass and through the space between her and the mattress tried to reach for her pussy.

I was instantly rewarded because I could not only feel her pussy but there was this protruding lump (didn’t know it was the clit then) which as soon as I rubbed, she started going ballistic.

“Ooh!…Ooohhh my god!…Fuck! babieee, aki… naskia kukojoaa! I hadn’t bargained for this but I kept going on and on. I was no expert but I could tell the more I rubbed the clit, the sweeter it was becoming for my dick and definitely for my good lady because her sounds were also changing.

“yeesssss!… yess!…. ohhhh… aaaahhihh” she screamed as I felt my balls tighten and my cock harden even further as it prepared to erupt hot cum deep into her pussy. We both collapsed on the bed.


I must have fallen asleep because I woke up lying on my side, to find myself alone in the room.

I touched my dick to check whether the condom was still there but it was gone and my dick was wiped clean.

I walked into the bathroom, freshened up then put on my clothes. My change was in the back pocket, intact so I could tell she was not a whore. I sneaked out of the room and the building but unfortunately, I was leaving town that evening so I couldn’t go back to know her story.

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