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Erotic StoriesSex Tourism, Visiting Kenya For Sex

Sex Tourism, Visiting Kenya For Sex

Here’s my Sex Tourism story.

I had read about Kenya and it’s sandy beaches. Wait! What do you can ladies whose ass is dusty with sand? I call them sandy bitches too. So, let’s start again. I had read about Kenya and it’s sandy bitches. This sounds better.

My visit was perfectly set for 2020 but still with the pandemic, I took the risk and visited its coastal town of Mombasa.

Me and my chubby toned body trotting at the coast. Well, this was a business trip and my colleagues at the brothel back in Czechoslovakia, quite a mouthful? yes, just call it Czech.

Call it Pennsylvania and I’ll be Dracula. Enough of pun, my brothel back home had reached their ceiling in terms of earning and was planning to try expanding to Kenya.

So I was on a special mission to know how men there can spend for a sweet exotic pussy. So, I was to do a random fuck with different men both outdoor and indoor on my 3 day visit. So, I did 5 men and a gangbang to wrap it up. Pssst! The gangbang wasn’t planned so it’s between you and me.

Sex Tourism Story.

Day 1

Well, Due to low business at the hotel, very few people were around. Immediately I got a room, I slid a ksh1000 note in this room service guy’s pocket and asked if he could screw me. I take rejection quite personal so when he hesitated, I grabbed and pulled him inside the room, shut the door and put the keys in my cleavage.

“A ksh1000 note for every round you cum for the 3 days am here. Deal? “I asked, “deal” I replied before he rejected.

I undid the Maasai shuka on my waist they gave me at the airport, pulled down my shorts to the knees, bent to hold my toes and asked even wetted my pussy a bit with saliva.

Well, he was pumping before I knew it, but his dick was frail! anyway, he nutted in me, and raced out of the room like nothing happened. Quite impressive. 1 man down. I rested for the night but heeey, they have those traditional men as Watchmen over there

They love meat!

Yes, you guessed right. He was a Maasai. I wore my bikini and went down to the pool, asked if he could escort me to the beach for a night stroll. Me and my chubby self + Maasai trolling at coast. Sorry, I had left it out at the start coz he deserved a better introduction.

He wasn’t eloquent in English but once we were far from the hotel, I opened my hands for a hug which he did but I held his dick which was hard by now and whispered in his ear,”1000 shillings”. He said 2000 shillings.

I held his dick harder and said, “4000 shillings”. Precum was already dripping on my hand. Holy shit! His dick had something like a tree stump. I knelt down to see what it was. “were you born this way? “I asked, oh no. He had closed eyes and was holding my head with his hands.

They had not said I do a blowjob but damn, such meat rarely comes my way so I let his dickhead in my mouth. How his dick swelled and was dripping just turned me on.

I let it out of my mouth, fell on the sands on my back, spread my legs and pulled my bikini to the side. This sex-crazed Maasai literally pinned my hands to the ground and pushed my legs wider with his knees. “Me like virgins like you”. He smiled.

I almost passed out. His dick stretched my pussy and I bet he was going to stretch it further. He pumped like a breeding beast on steroids mounting a female for the first time. I just lay there taking every inch of that meat moaning slowly, eyes fixed on the heavens.
He was done.

How did I know? I could feel hot cum trickling down from my pussy, past my butt and bet it reached the sand. He literally flooded me! Fast forward, two men down and its day 2!

Day 2.

Nothing much. I then knew why Maasai love white ladies. It’s because they taught them missionary sex instead of missionary work. I lay on my bed, the room service came and banged me as I lay lazily on the bed on my tum, ass up. They call it prone bone in Czech, but this guy banged me quite harder than before.

I was to do a secret silent house party! Guess what? I had canvas and mounts for a simple glory hole. I put a sticker, “Warm wet wipe inside” but replaced it with “Automated Pussy Machine-Insert dick”.

My boss had organized for the party so they 3 men who had paid for arrived. Though they quarreled who to go first, I saw a dick enter the hole. Wait! Are all men in Kenya that endowed? this was about 8 or 9 inches.

Anyway, I bent and pressed my asshole on the dick. I has already soaked it with lube coz African dicks are not to be trusted. He never expected to have it anal, I guessed after he moaned. Next guy got my pussy, third my mouth.

Day 3

Why not thank everyone? I invited the Maasai, room service guy and the 3 glory hole guys for a day and night of gangbang! About how the gangbang went, I’ll tell you after this guy gets done with me.

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