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Erotic Stories5 Types of Sex Women Enjoy

5 Types of Sex Women Enjoy

Unlike men, for whom sex is usually wonderful because they are often able to feel pleasure during sex and succeed in reaching orgasm, women often complain that they are not able to reach orgasm during sex, and this is very common. So while men are able to enjoy it, if their partner is unable to feel pleasure during it, then the pleasure of your intimate time will be cut in half.

It’s not easy to please a woman during sex, it’s something that requires a lot of effort and if you don’t know how to please your partner during sex, then this guide will be of great help. Below I will bring you five ways women like to have sex, try pleasing each other with them!

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Spontaneous Sex

When it comes to sex, women don’t have the same cravings as men, for men the main pleasure of sex comes from physical fulfillment, whereas women tend to be more demanding, they don’t just need physical pleasure, you also need to make them feel wanted and desired.

Women prefer to have unplanned sex, maybe you are cooking dinner one minute, but the next you start kissing intensely, then take off each other’s clothes and start a passionate moment on the couch.

Your actions can send a lot of messages, women are more likely to become aroused as soon as you show your desire for each other, don’t think about what environment you are in or how you should clean up afterward, let your desires take control, you just need to enjoy it and don’t think about it too much!

Hotel Sex

Hotels are the perfect place for cozy sex, not only do they have big soft and comfortable beds, but they also enable you to feel the freshness of having sex in an unfamiliar location. And you don’t need to worry about getting dirty, as there will be someone to clean everything up for you.

Whether it’s a weekend getaway with your partner or a quick night out after work, new scenes and comfortable surroundings can always add to the excitement of sex, and in a hotel you can leave all your worries behind, put aside the pressures and responsibilities of work or life, and just think about how to enjoy the pleasure of sex with your partner.

Rough Sex

Everyone knows that a gentlemanly man doesn’t put his hands on a woman, but, when it comes to sex, that rule may not be followed. Women may want to experience the thrill of being dominated by a man and feel what it is like to be roughly played with.

So being rough may be more able to turn the other person on when you put her permission, choke her hard or grab her hair, slap her ass, or if you want to play a little more exciting, you can try tying the other person up with a rope and feel the thrill of being dominated by your desires.

Sensual Sex

Woman in lingerie seducing a man in bed Photo

Women are sensitive animals, they not only have a sensitive body, their senses are more delicate. That’s why women love a romantic atmosphere, a few candles, dim lights, saxophone music in their ears, and their partner caressing them tenderly, women love such a sexy and charming atmosphere.

Make a day of it, set up a sexy environment for each other, and let each other know that you’re willing to set aside a whole day to explore her body and focus on each other’s pleasure.

Impress each other with your best foreplay skills, add some sex toys such as rose toy, use sexy roses to make each other feel the ultimate sexual enjoyment, spend more time in each other’s sensitive areas, and keep teasing each other until each other can’t hold back their desires and want to go even deeper into sex.

Oral Sex

Women love to feel the excitement of being orally fucked, and a wet tongue is sometimes more pleasurable than a penis. The perfect blowjob can make your partner feel more satisfied than ever before, but without good oral sex skills, it will just feel like you’re wet and slobbery.

A recent research study has revealed that most men are unable to deliver the kind of oral sex that women expect, and even those who regularly give each other oral sex don’t always get the hang of it. The biggest mistake men make with oral sex is that they often rush it, starting directly with the clitoris or vagina.

Rather than fulfilling each other’s desires straight away, it’s better to reserve some room for the imagination and start by kissing and caressing the sensitive areas around each other’s genitals, teasing around the clitoris with your tongue, and the key thing to making oral sex more sensual is not to satisfy each other too quickly.

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