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Celeb PornAkothee Sextape | REAL or Fake? This Was Her Shocking Response!

Akothee Sextape | REAL or Fake? This Was Her Shocking Response!

Akothee sextape is said to have leaked a few days ago and was shared widely on social media.

This joins a string of Kenyan celebrity XXX videos that have leaked online in Kenya. Among the famous Dj Creme, Noti Flow, Gospel artist Susan Namu among others.

Akothee Sextape Video

The Akothee porn video allegedly leaked as she was having an intimate moment can be viewed below.

Watch Leaked Akothee Sex Video Here - Alleged Video

In the alleged Akothee porn video above, the lady is fucked doggy style and seems to be enjoying it quite a lot!

Also, the lady in the video is being fucked raw, nyama kwa nyama getting all that Kenyan dick inside her already wet pussy!

Akothee Porn Video Reply

After a while, Akothee responded to the video with this video below:

Watch Akothee's Reply To Leaked Sex Tape Video Here

Akothee is heard complaining that the porn video is poorly done and that if she were to do it she would perform better in bed, sounds just like what she would respond right?

She went on to say the main reason she would never record a porn video is that her haters would watch the Akothee sex styles in her porn video and steal them to make their ladies satisfied in bed!

Akothee is quite the character, which you have to love her for!

What are your thoughts, is this Akothee’s pussy being fucked raw by some black dick, or it’s not her? Leave your comments below!

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