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Celeb PornKiki Minaj - Best from #1 Ebony Anal Pornstar

Kiki Minaj – Best from #1 Ebony Anal Pornstar

Kiki Minaj is a porn star unlike any other. When it comes to solo performances, she loves nothing more than masturbating with a dildo. She’s also a huge fan of fisting, and the harder you can go at her, the better.

Where this star shines though, is anal. She can take a double dick with ease, and she’s always willing to try something new, so if you are ready to take her for a ride, grab your VR headset and buckle up for some of the best in VR porn and experience some of her top anal scenes up close and personal.

Wonder Woman – starring Kiki Minaj with VRcosplayX

Wonder woman - starring Kiki Minaj with VRcosplayX

You know that there is a stash of gold hidden at the heart of the city. According to your highly reliable intel, the gold is not guarded at all so it’s as good as yours. As you begin searching for the goods, you hear some commotion.

Your sidekick is hurled across the room and at this point, you know you are well and truly fucked. Before you even know what’s going on, Nubia wraps you with her lasso.

You tell her everything and you beg for forgiveness. She’s brutal though and says she will have to turn you over to the police. There’s only one way you can get out of this. You’ll have to fuck your way out.

You grab her thighs, and you give her the pounding of a lifetime. She loves to take it in the ass, and you are all too happy to oblige. Before you know it, you have fucked her so hard that she has forgotten all about your little stint, and you’re free to go. You wouldn’t be surprised if she caught you again though, just so she could relive that hot sweaty sex.

APEX Legends with Kiki Minaj – featured on VRcosplayX

APEX Legends with Kiki Minaj - featured on VRcosplayX

It’s not easy being a legend. You’re in King’s Canyon and things go from bad to worse when you see a ton of weapons and gear in your landing area. You take a hit from a sniper but luckily, Wraith wiped out the other team. That girl saved your life and now you have to pay it back.

You don’t have anything other than your rock-hard cock to show your appreciation, and at the moment, it is rising way faster than your rank. You pull it out and the two cock-sucking legends want it all. They want it in every hole, and you do owe them for saving your life. It’s time to get that double headshot you’ve been hoping for. Blow your load across their faces and become the victor in the arena.

Working from Home – Kiki Minaj

Kiki Minaj wants you to give it to her, now and hard. Sometimes a standard dick just isn’t enough, so that’s why she has brought in a stallion to satisfy her. Kiki Minaj loves nothing more than being pounded in the ass and wants you to do it for hours on end. If you are up to the task, then this is the scene for you.

Minaj is fucked until she has nothing left, and in the final moments, she takes a shot of hot load, right to the face. This slut loves nothing more than being covered in spunk. It’s evident to see why she’s one of the top porn stars in the business when you consider how much she is willing to do, to achieve that screaming orgasm. VR porn anal has never felt so good.

Kiki Minaj – Bump in the Night

They don’t call Kiki Minaj an anal freak for nothing. She is here and ready to take your dick however you want. She lays in bed and suddenly hears a bump in the night. She turns around to find an intruder, but she’s going to be the one who is doing the infiltration.

Minaj starts to shove the massive dick in between her peachy cheeks and things escalate. The intruder just hit the jackpot and it’s clear to see that he’s in for a treat.

So, Kiki Minaj is the queen of VR anal porn. She is willing to take any cock up her tight ass and this has helped to solidify the star as being one of the best in the business. Now you can fuck her in glorious 5K quality, with your VR headset too.

If you want to do this, then simply log on to a VR porn site and grab your Oculus or related device. When you have done this, all you have to do is hit play and you will be able to shaft her hot ass until you blow your load right over her face.

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