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Exposed RatchetsSomeone's Husband is Paid to Fuck Two Prostitute in a Recorded Liddos...

Someone’s Husband is Paid to Fuck Two Prostitute in a Recorded Liddos Club Live Show

Liddos Club Live Show porn video of a husband paid to be recorded while fucking two Liddos strip club prostitutes have the country in a buzz.

In the Liddos strippers club, Instagram live XXX show, someone’s husband is convinced by the guy recording the whole show to fuck the two girls for free.

The only terms are that he should agree to be recorded and streamed live on their Instagram Liddos Club Live Show, for their fans to enjoy.

While the guy is a bit hesitant at first, he agrees to the terms and goes ahead to demand a bottle of gin before he fucks the two prostitutes on camera.

Liddos Club Live Show Porn Videos

In the first video, you will enjoy below, you can hear and see the guy being asked to do the deed on camera and is told about the terms of the transaction. To which he hesitantly agrees and bargains for the bottle of gin.

Here’s the video:

Watch Nairobi Strip Club Instagram Live XXX Video Here

In the second recording, the guy is seen stark naked while playing with one of the girl’s Kenyan pussy and the second stripper is playing with his dick in an epic threesome.

He seems to be enjoying every moment of it as later in the video, the two girls take turns to ride his hard Kenyan dick.

Here’s the second video:

Watch Liddos Strip Club Live Porn Show Here

We are not sure what happened after the live stream got out but I can bet the guy is questioning his moral right now.

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