Ugandan Slay Queen Kalmar Mbabazi Nudes Leaked

Ugandan Slay Queen Kalmar Mbabazi Nudes Leak

Ugandan slay Queen Kalmar Mbabazi nudes leaked online. Kalmar Mbabazi pussy and boobs photos, as well as xxx videos of her wanking, will make you horny as fuck!

The infamous Ugandan slay queen is now the subject of ridicule and naughty conversation even on national radio stations after her nudes leaked online.

Check out Ugandan Slay Queen Kalmar Mbabazi Nudes Leaked by Ex-Boyfriend Below;

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In another video, the sexy lady is seen washing her punani with water, which I suppose was meant to ensure the pussy is clean before getting smashed by the ex.


And another video seems to indicate that the infamous socialite loves to masturbate as she is seen rubbing her nunu until she cums.

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The nudes are understood to have been leaked by a furious ex-boyfriend who claimed the slay queen cheated on him and had to teach her a lesson.


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After Kalmar Mbabazi nudes leaked online, female radio hosts lept to her defense, stating that the x-rated photos and videos were released by someone the lady trusted and that it wasn’t her fault.

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