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Celeb PornChelah Yegon Sextape Videos & Photos

Chelah Yegon Sextape Videos & Photos

Chelah Yegon sextape videos and photos are among the very first Kenyan pornstar sextapes to ever leak in Kenya. Not exactly leak, but be posted by horny Kenyan girl who wanted the world to see how kinky and sexy her ebony body is.

The popular Chelah Yegon porn video spread like bush fire. It stared this porn actor and her lover in a BDSM scene where they very much seemed to enjoy themselves.

But, let’s not get over ourselves. Let’s start at the beginning.

Yegon Nude Porn Photos:

As you can already guess, this Kenyan porn actor is quite the catch. She is yellow yellow slay queen who knows she is pretty. As such she commands a following whenever she share xxx pics online.

In the Chelah Yegon porn photos below, the model goes ahead to take selfies of her naked petite body. She then poses while in a robe and lingerie. All in a bid to woo horny Kenyan men.

Check out her explicit photos below:

Chelah Yegon Sextape video

Chelah Yegon nudes Chelah Yegon Porn Pics

Chelah Yegon Sextape video:

In these Kenya raha tapes, Yegon goes ahead to record herself getting naughty around the house. She clearly loves recording herself being fucked too as you will see in the porn vids below.

Chelah Yegon Bathroom Porn Video

In the first video below, this horny Kenyan porn actress goes ahead to record herself touching her magnificent Kenyan boobs and sexy ebony body while taking a shower in her bathtub.

This is clearly a seduction video she meant to send to her lover. Check out the video below;

Watch Chelah Shower Porn Video Here

Kenya BDSM Porn Video

In the second sex tape, Chelah goes on to demand that his lover records their fucking session. The BDSM video shows as she is bent over, and the horny Kenyan dick is pounding into her wet pussy.

The guy also has a leash on her neck that he keeps pulling so she can bounce that fat ass on his dick. This is one of the many fetishes she clearly has. Check out the BDSM video below;

Watch Kenya BDSM Porn Video Here

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