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FetishEnjoying Sex With Boss Wife in The Office While He's Out

Enjoying Sex With Boss Wife in The Office While He’s Out

Watch sex with boss wife in their office in Nairobi city while he is out running errands. He has a fat belly and doesn’t fuck her like I do.

She likes how the skinny worker is rebellious towards her husband and it turns her on a lot. She can’t get enough of his dick and had to get fucked good in the office.

The boss’s wife had been making advances towards the worker when one day she caught him masturbating in the storage room. She demanded that he apologize or he was going to lose his job.

The boss’s wife didn’t tell the husband what had happened. But she had been thinking a lot about the worker’s big black dick and how she yearned for it since her husband had not fucked her for almost 4 months.

Sex With Boss Wife Video

One day, while the husband was not in the office, the worker was delivering something in the office when he busted the boss’s wife while playing with her kitty. She thought she had locked the door but she had not.

This led to the worker enjoying sex with the boss wife on the boss’s desk!

He didn’t wait for the wife to say anything. He simply pulled her chair towards him and started licking and sucking on her very wet Kenyan pussy in a steamy office sex session.

She did not resist. In fact, she grabbed his head and forced the worker to tongue fuck her pussy until she squirted on his face.

The boss’s wife pushed him off, positioned herself on the office desk, and opened her pussy wide for the guy to get his hard cock inside her cunt.

Here is part of the sex with boss wife porn video:

Watch Fucking the Boss's Wife in the office porn video Here

Watch Fucking the Boss's Wife in the office porn video Here

Have you ever had sex with your female boss or if your boss is a man, with his wife? How was it?

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