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LeaksEnd Year Climax: She Squirted a Fountain at the Rooftop

End Year Climax: She Squirted a Fountain at the Rooftop

Ever had a New Years sex experience with a random stranger? Let me tell you my story.

What does champagne have in common with pussy? They both pop and gush when the cock is removed. How did I get to know this?

Well, I have seen drivers do that after winning a race so if you drive her crazy and ride her pretty well, she’ll pop it. I mean squirt.

FYI, I was just invited at her house for an end year dinner. Am just a Maasai hawker selling honey. Wondering how I got the invite? Hmm, let’s say I was lucky.

New Years Sex Invite:

I knocked a door that morning and a lady in a silk see-through nightie opened it. Come on, who doesn’t get a hard-on when a lady stands in front of her, nipples poking her nighty with a visible camel toe? I was in my usual Maasai shuka but pantless that day.

In seconds, I was hard and dripping precum on her doormat. “You sell honey drops too?” She whispered in my ear, her right palm holding my dickhead really tight. “No. I sell bee honey”, I said while opening the small bucket to scoop a little honey for her.

Before I scooped, she let go my dickhead, then dipped her righthand fingers in the honey bucket. I thought she’d lick them, fuck!

She gave me a very rough and fast handjob with honey, not lube! I couldn’t hold back my ejaculation, I just shot my cum on her nightie.

New Years Sex on The Rooftop.

Flash-forward to 11pm on 31st, at the rooftop with my strange client leaning on the rails gazing at the Nairobi CBD, a whiskey glass in her hand. “I have always fantasized how a Maasai dick with that handing knot-like skin tastes like “She said slowly, as if talking to the wind. She put the glass down, bent lower and lower till her boobs touched the rails and ass up. She raised her night gown up and her pussy was all out. “7 minutes to new year, bang me like you life depends on it! “She said.

I let go my shuka and stuck my 8inch mat in her tiny wet pussy.

Her pussy was dripping of cum by the time people started the new year countdown. I had came thrice already but kept going.

She was chocking my dick and I knew she was holding back a hell of a squirt in there. I dug my fingers deeper in her thighs and held her tighter as I thrust harder and deeper.

“3..2..1..Haap”I never heard anything else. She pushed me off her pussy with a lot of might and let out a scream as she squirted like a real fountain.

Once the squirt was over, I grabbed her ass and thrust till I offloaded quite a huge load of cum in her. We later hugged and in her sobs and sweet cries, she said, “This is the best new year countdown I’ve ever had”.

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