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FetishHow to Prepare For The Best Anal Sex

How to Prepare For The Best Anal Sex

The image of anal sex in the eyes of women can be awkward, dirty, and even uncomfortable for those who don’t know the proper way to have anal sex, and yes, if you try it without knowing anything about anal sex, it’s likely to end up worse than you think.

However, once you have mastered the proper way to have anal sex, it can be a very pleasurable experience. Many people who try anal sex for the first time feel scared, disappointed, and even hate it as a result. Learning how to enjoy anal sex is like learning a new skill – it takes practice to get the hang of it and enjoy it.

In this guide, I’m going to walk you through the proper way to have anal sex so that you and your partner can enjoy anal pleasure safely and comfortably.

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Why Anal Sex is Pleasurable

It is well known that the clitoris is the main source of pleasure for women and that orgasms are mainly caused by the clitoris. However, the clitoris has a very large network of nerves, so the clitoris is not just a small bump on top of the vagina, but also a large network of nerves inside the vagina. During anal sex, the clitoral nerves in the vaginal walls are stimulated, resulting in intense pleasure.

Anal sex is also effective in stimulating the G-spot. During anal sex, the inner walls of the vagina receive pressure from the penis and anal toys, which may squeeze the G-spot to produce pleasure.

If you are trying anal sex for the first time, the G-spot may not give you intense pleasure, or may even make you feel uncomfortable when you first try it. Because the anus is the outlet we normally use to pass urine, anal sex may give you the illusion that you are having a bowel movement. It’s perfectly normal to feel this way, and as you and your partner experiment more, you’ll get used to the sensation. Once you get over the psychological barrier, anal sex will become incredibly pleasurable and enjoyable.

Open Communication During Anal

If you want to have anal sex with your partner, then first of all you need to make sure that the other person has a positive attitude as well as a clear consent. It is best to have anal sex with mutual trust so that you can make each other feel comfortable.

First of all, if this is your first time having anal sex, then it is very important to communicate with each other in a timely manner. Both parties should communicate more about each other’s feelings during anal sex, otherwise, the other party doesn’t know whether you are enjoying it or not and what you are thinking inside. And when you feel uncomfortable, you should also express to each other in time, such as lack of lubrication or pain, etc. Timely and effective communication can help you effectively avoid the discomfort of anal sex.

How to Prepare for Anal Sex

White Pussy Spreading With An Anal Plug Inserted Photo

Anal sex, like vaginal sex, should not be forced without adequate lubrication, which may lead to consequences such as breakage of the anal lining or pain. Due to the special structure of the anus, which does not produce any natural lubricants, it is necessary to use a lot of lubricants during anal sex, such as water-based lubricants or silicone-based lubricants, which provide safety and comfort during anal sex. It is the most important part of anal sex.

If you are new to anal sex, try using a sex toy such as an anal plug to dilate your anus. Because the anus contracts and stretches just like a vagina, it is best to wear an anal plug for a while to let your anus get used to the sensation of penetration when you first try anal sex. I recommend trying the latest anal plugs from rose toy, which come in three different sizes, so you can start with the smallest size and gradually get used to the sensations that come with anal dilation.

Many people are concerned that anal sex may leave them covered in fecal matter, but in fact there is not much fecal matter left in the anus or lower rectum, so an enema and rinse half an hour before anal sex is all you need to keep your anus clean. If you’re still worried about getting the bed dirty, you can also put a towel on the bed to maximize cleanliness.

How to Have Enjoyable Anal Sex

I’m going to show you how to enjoy anal sex, first you need to apply lubricant all over your anus and your partner’s penis, as much as you can. Then gently aim your penis at the anus, at this point your partner needs the anal sphincter to relax, this will allow the penis to enter more easily. Then slowly insert the penis into the anus.

When the penis is just entering the anus, don’t rush into deeper penetration, first rub slowly back and forth inside the anus to make sure the other person has no discomfort or pain, and then slowly thrust in and out, allowing each thrust to go deeper and deeper, which will allow your partner to better acclimate to the sensation of anal penetration.

It’s important to take your time in the beginning, and once you start to enjoy the feeling of your anus being filled, then it’s time to start having more intense and pleasurable anal sex.

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