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LeaksHow Ramaphosa Turned Natasha Theledi Into His Personal P0RN Star – Watch...

How Ramaphosa Turned Natasha Theledi Into His Personal P0RN Star – Watch VIDEO

Leaked emails have revealed how Deputy President turned a young woman into his personal porn star. The 29-year-old Natasha Theledi met Ramaphosa in 2012 at an expo when she was pregnant with another man’s child. The emails show how Ramaphosa used his wealth to win Theledi and break the relationship she had with the father of her unborn baby who was at the time employed at the SABC.

The emails and bank records show how for years Ramaphosa has been maintaining Theledi financially in return for sex and erotic pictures and intimate videos that were specifically meant for him. They also indicate the relationship between the pair is still on.


The emails in which Theledi regularly advised Ramaphosa about her ovulation dates show the pair planned to have a baby together. Some of the videos show Theledi taking fertility enhancing injections, proving how desperate she was to have a baby with Ramaphosa.

Speaking to The Sunday Independent, the woman, who is believed to be Theledi but was not identified by the paper claimed she was dating a married man but not Ramaphosa. But the email evidence show how she has been sending erotic pictures and very intimate videos dedicated to Ramaphosa.

In an email dated 9 July 2014 Theledi wrote: “Baby I’m still renting, hopefully we can change this in future, in the interim I please ask you to assist me with settling down as I have no furniture where I am.” The emails between the pair show Theledi has been receiving at least R25 000 monthly allowance from Ramaphosa with whom she was planning to have a baby.

In one of the emails, dated 17 February 2016, Theledi reveals to Ramaphosa how she is battling financially. “I was contacted by my estate agent and she reminded me that my lease expires in a month’s time. However the money I had saved will not be sufficient to secure another place due to the fact that I have used the funds to go by because I’m out of a job.” Three days later, Ramaphosa responded: “Send your account details.”

On 22 February Theledi wrote to Ramaphosa giving him her FNB account details. Not only has Theledi been sending erotic videos to Ramaphosa, she also frequently sent him videos of residential complexes where she was looking for accommodation and was pleading with Ramaphosa for financial assistance to help her secure a placed.


At one complex, she is seen parking her grey Jeep Wrangler. Weekly Xposé has since learnt from impeccable sources that the vehicle was bought by Ramaphosa for Theledi who is currently unemployed. In one of his emails dated 28 December 2015, Ramaphosa takes offence at being called “Baby” by Theledi in her email communication with him.

In his email to Theledi on 28 December 2015 Ramaphosa writes: “Hi Baby. Thank you for your message. I hope you had a great Xmas and that you will have a wonderful year ahead. By the way, you are “Baby”. I’m not baby. I’m Baba to you.” Theledi then responded two days later: “Hi Baba. I’m well thanks. Laugh out loud yes you are 110% correct. You are my Baba.” In all her correspondence and videos sent to Ramaphosa following Ramaphosa’s instruction, Theledi addressed Ramaphosa as Baba. In one of the videos sent to Ramaphosa, Theledi can be seen lying naked on her bed inserting a dildo in her vagina and saying: “Ndinyobe Baba, ngichamele phakathi.” (F**k me Baba, come inside me).

Videos of this nature were sent almost daily to Ramaphosa. Weekly Xposé has seen a screen shot of a WhatsApp message sent on 23 February 2016 by angry Theledi to a friend, Precious Binda whom she suspected was also dating Ramaphosa. “You will never prosper nor get anything from Cyril! That much I’ll ensure.” Weekly Xpose tried calling Theledi on countless occasions but her phone was off.

Source – Weekly Xposé

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